Aloha Feet is for just about anyone.


Aloha Feet is for fidgeters

Were you part of the fidget spinner craze? Are you a pen-clicking, chewing-gum-popping, knee-bouncing, finger-drumming type of person? Aloha Feet introduces a whole new way to fidget - discreetly! No more annoying the people around you with spinning, snapping, and shaking. Just gently rock your feet and feel the 294 (x 2) nubs on Aloha Feet. Ahhhh, just feel that fidgeting need being fulfilled with Aloha Feet!


aloha feet is for kids

Have your kids ever put Legos in their shoes? Do they like to let the water into those rain boots that are meant to keep feet dry? Do they squish their toes in mud? Or kick their shoes off to run in the splintery playground mulch? Aloha Feet lets your kids get the sensory stimulation they need without the loud dangerous mess it usually costs you! Aloha Feet is flexible, fun, safe and kid-friendly!


aloha feet is for you

Are you looking for a cool new experience that you’ve never had before? Aloha Feet is the answer! Aloha Feet feels great! Do you like to be the first among your friends to try innovative products? You have an opportunity with Aloha Feet to be one of the first to introduce the “fidget for your feet” to your friends. It’s so easy and fun! Whether it is at school, work, or home, Aloha Feet is designed to perform wherever you are. Maybe you don’t even know you need this, but I’m telling you: you do!