Aloha Feet is the fidget for your feet. It is a pair of insoles designed to stimulate your feet so that you can fidget your feet, focus and concentrate. Aloha Feet is flexible, durable, effective and discreet, and fun... like super fun! You've never felt anything like this!


Take aloha feet anywhere

Take Aloha Feet anywhere and use whenever you need to fidget your feet. Simply step on Aloha Feet or insert it into your shoes and begin to experience sensory stimulation. When you have had enough, simply remove it and use another time.



What does it feel like?

Some people experience a massaging feeling when using Aloha Feet. Some people feel the nubs all over their feet, from the toes to the heel. Because everyone has different sensitivities and needs, everyone will experience Aloha Feet differently. Some people need Aloha Feet for a few minutes a day while others will use Aloha Feet more frequently. Using Aloha Feet in your shoes will feel different than experiencing it on your floor without shoes.



Aloha Feet is breathable, flexible, and washable with mild soapy water. Aloha Feet is BPA free and meets strict USA safety standards. Aloha Feet is shaped for a comfortable experience and is portable and discreet. Aloha Feet dimensions are (10.5”L x 3.5”W) and can be cut down to size easily with a good pair of scissors.