I frequently recommend these for use by my high intensity sensory seekers who are included in middle school and high school classes. Aloha Feet provide a wonderful, discrete way for these students to get regulating input during academic blocks without drawing attention to the student using them. I work with several students who keep them in their lockers and take a personal break to put them their shoes when their attention starts to drift. Super effective “outside of the box” regulating strategy for students in environments that can be attentional challenges.
— Amy Laurent, co-author of the SCERTS model, OT
I had a student who kept destroying his pencils and erasers as he needed something to occupy his hands. I stuck an Aloha foot up inside his desk and now he rubs his hand over it to calm himself.
— Pam Duarte, School Principal
I am sure there are many people who, like me, enjoy foot stimulation and will really appreciate the unique sensations derived from using Aloha Feet sensory insoles.
— Jodi Galland
Lucky for me I have been using the Aloha Feet inserts the past few weeks with my son and I’m wondering how we have survived the past 11 years without them. And it’s not just my sensory seeker using them, the whole family is.
— Sheila Quach