How one tool can be effective for both the sensory seeker and the avoider (or even those without sensory issues!)

I am not an occupational therapist but I am a mom who takes my son to see one.  The services my son receives at OT are great and they help him tremendously!  But I needed a solution for the other 167 hours in our week.  You see my son is a sensory seeker and he is constantly on the go.  I try my best to get him to the park often and we have a mini trampoline in the middle of our living room, but there seems to be no end to his need for sensory input.  One thing I noticed was how often he took his shoes off everywhere we went, always rubbing his feet on things.  Sometimes these were not safe things, like the splintery playground mulch - ouch! I wanted a solution to help him get the sensory input he craves without putting him in any danger. 

Since I couldn't find anything that fit what I was looking for, I decided to create it!  Aloha Feet is a fidget insole, the first fidget insole out there!  It is flexible and features specially designed nubs that stimulate the feet. Aloha Feet can provide constant stimulation to the feet when slipped into shoes.  It's a one size fits all solution and can be cut down to size to fit into a child's shoe.

Aloha Feet is a one size fits all solution in other ways too!  My fidgety, sensory seeking son loves it, but what I didn't know was that my daughter, who is sensory avoidant on many things, also benefits from it.  She is more cautious and doesn't seek out these sensations but when she can use Aloha Feet outside of her shoes (just place the insoles on the floor and slowly roll feet back and forth on the nubs) she is willing to explore it. And it opens her up to other experiences, like walking barefoot in the grass. 

So here I had a product that helps both ends of the sensory spectrum! What came as a complete surprise to me is how much those with no sensory issues love Aloha Feet for it's user-friendly fidgetability (is that even a word?!)!  It seems like people who were never even huge fidgeters got caught up in the spinner craze and it isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Studies have shown that fidgeting can improve concentration and focus.  But what I never liked about hand fidgets is how distracting they can be, to both the user and those around them.  That's why I was looking for something discreet and hands-free.

Aloha Feet fans have shared all kinds of fun ways to use The Fidget for your Feet that I hadn't expected.  From wearing Aloha Feet during a yoga session to increase blood flow or using them to scratch your feet on under the desk while getting computer work done, it seems the possibilities are endless for Aloha Feet!  How do you Aloha Feet?