Reviews of Aloha Feet

We are pleased to announce that The Old Schoolhouse has published two reviews of Aloha Feet. Each review focuses on different aspects of Aloha Feet.

I am sure there are many people who, like me, enjoy foot stimulation and will really appreciate the unique sensations derived from using Aloha Feet sensory insoles.
— Jodi Galland

When I first heard of this new product, Aloha Feet sensory insoles, I thought it was the oddest thing. As I read a bit about them and watched a few short videos on the website, I realized I am a foot fidgeter and these might actually be a fun thing for me to try. I am the person who is always barefoot in the house. I love carpets, but even wood floor and tiles are foot friendly. I am often absently rubbing my feet together when I’m relaxing or running the soles of my feet across chair rungs. I’m partial to the new chairs we have with square rungs, but I like the classic ones with various circular sizes along the rungs, too!

Aloha Feet are available in one size, approximately 10.5”L x 3.5”W. These specially shaped insoles are durable, flexible, BPA and phthalate free plastic covered with hundreds of small bumps. They’re made breathable by over one hundred perforations. Thin and flexible, they can also be trimmed to size. Simply trace the insole from a shoe or even your own foot and cut the Aloha Feet insole down to the perfect proportions. They can be used by adults and children in your family and many of the users will revel in the feel of the fun nubs poking them harmlessly in the sole of the foot. Aloha Feet are easy to clean with soap and water. They are $19.95 for one pair and available at a substantial discount for multi-packs of five or ten pair.

There are several ways to use Aloha Feet and we were game to try them all. First, I placed the insoles on the floor and sat on the couch. They really are a fun foot fidget! I curled my toes, rocked my feet, and rubbed them side to side. The sensations were very pleasant. I left them on the floor when I went to bed and the next morning two of my children tried them and also enjoyed them while sitting down. We also stood on them, which made them a bit too pokey for our feet. I wasn’t sure how anyone could actually use them in a shoe. Eventually, the realization dawned on me that I’d use socks in a shoe, so tried them with a medium weight sock. That was much more comfortable. I began using them while I was standing.

I couldn’t bring myself to cut them down to my shoe size for quite some time, the insoles were just my evening foot fidget. Eventually, I took the plunge, because a thorough review pretty much required actually walking on these insoles. My feet are the same size as one of my son’s feet, so two of us are able to use Aloha Feet in our shoes. Right now, I have them in the muck boots I wear for yard work. I’ve found them to be quite comfortable. They are thin and don’t interfere with the fit of my shoes at all.

Aloha Feet are much safer than letting your child go barefoot out of doors. No splinters, burns, bee stings, or gooey mud is involved, and yet their feet get the stimulation they crave. They do recommend supervising children while the insoles are in use.

Aloha Feet sensory insoles are not intended for use while running or jumping. Aloha Feet is a discrete, hands-free sensory party that won’t disturb others around you like many fidgets do.

I am sure there are many people who, like me, enjoy foot stimulation and will really appreciate the unique sensations derived from using Aloha Feet sensory insoles.

Lucky for me I have been using the Aloha Feet inserts the past few weeks with my son and I’m wondering how we have survived the past 11 years without them. And it’s not just my sensory seeker using them, the whole family is.
— Sheila Quach

Having a child with sensory seeking needs is sometimes very exhausting.  What am I saying, it is exhausting for parents to try and provide safe ways for them to get the pressure and input their little bodies crave.  Lucky for me I have been using the Aloha Feet inserts the past few weeks with my son and I’m wondering how we have survived the past 11 years without them.  And it’s not just my sensory seeker using them, the whole family is.  We have millions of fidget cubes, tubes and gadgets for the hands, along with weighted blankets, clothes and even balancing seats and cushions.  But, I never thought about the feet before.  When you think about it, the feet are connected to multiple parts of the body and have been the star of the show to the acupuncture and reflexology crowd. 

These flexible insoles can be trimmed to fit inside of any shoe discreetly or use them the way we have been, just laid out on the floor.  Different flooring provides a different feel and sensation.  Everyone feels something a little different.  When I step on them I feel a warming sensation up my spine and tingles in my legs that provides a comforting feel.  My sensory seeker said he feels relief and a sense of peace, like the whole world is finally right.  Everyone else in the house says they feel tingles, relaxation and a calming feeling in their minds.  We have them centrally located between the kitchen and living room easily accessible during the day.  There is no time limit to use them, just whenever you want to.  I probably step on them twice a day for a few minutes here and there.  My sensory seeker is on them fifty times a day, I’m shocked the nubs aren’t worn down yet. 

Speaking of nubs, there are 294 nubs all over the top of the insoles, along with 134 little holes or vents.  Those little nubs are what provide the sensory stimulation.  They are super easy to clean with mild soap and water, breathable, flexible and BPA free.  Aloha Feet is perfect at home or work, in your shoes or out on the floor or outside in nature.  We have successfully brought them along in the car and even a few camping trips.  They are thin enough to slip into the smallest pouch or backpack for easy packing and can easily enhance whatever your doing now for your sensory seeker.  These would make excellent stocking stuffers or gifts for that person who has everything. 

I also wanted to add that I thought the outline of the palm tree on the top of each insole was beautiful.  But, when you flip them over I was even more surprised to see Psalm 121 embossed on each of them.  My son and I immediately grabbed our Bibles and were blessed by what we read.   My son said almost every time he uses the insoles he thinks about this verse, the meaning or the feeling he experienced after reading it.  I just thought it was so beautiful and I appreciated the extra thought and care in including such a special passage of God’s word on their product.

How one tool can be effective for both the sensory seeker and the avoider (or even those without sensory issues!)

I am not an occupational therapist but I am a mom who takes my son to see one.  The services my son receives at OT are great and they help him tremendously!  But I needed a solution for the other 167 hours in our week.  You see my son is a sensory seeker and he is constantly on the go.  I try my best to get him to the park often and we have a mini trampoline in the middle of our living room, but there seems to be no end to his need for sensory input.  One thing I noticed was how often he took his shoes off everywhere we went, always rubbing his feet on things.  Sometimes these were not safe things, like the splintery playground mulch - ouch! I wanted a solution to help him get the sensory input he craves without putting him in any danger. 

Since I couldn't find anything that fit what I was looking for, I decided to create it!  Aloha Feet is a fidget insole, the first fidget insole out there!  It is flexible and features specially designed nubs that stimulate the feet. Aloha Feet can provide constant stimulation to the feet when slipped into shoes.  It's a one size fits all solution and can be cut down to size to fit into a child's shoe.

Aloha Feet is a one size fits all solution in other ways too!  My fidgety, sensory seeking son loves it, but what I didn't know was that my daughter, who is sensory avoidant on many things, also benefits from it.  She is more cautious and doesn't seek out these sensations but when she can use Aloha Feet outside of her shoes (just place the insoles on the floor and slowly roll feet back and forth on the nubs) she is willing to explore it. And it opens her up to other experiences, like walking barefoot in the grass. 

So here I had a product that helps both ends of the sensory spectrum! What came as a complete surprise to me is how much those with no sensory issues love Aloha Feet for it's user-friendly fidgetability (is that even a word?!)!  It seems like people who were never even huge fidgeters got caught up in the spinner craze and it isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Studies have shown that fidgeting can improve concentration and focus.  But what I never liked about hand fidgets is how distracting they can be, to both the user and those around them.  That's why I was looking for something discreet and hands-free.

Aloha Feet fans have shared all kinds of fun ways to use The Fidget for your Feet that I hadn't expected.  From wearing Aloha Feet during a yoga session to increase blood flow or using them to scratch your feet on under the desk while getting computer work done, it seems the possibilities are endless for Aloha Feet!  How do you Aloha Feet?